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My name is Lizzie Anne Pennisi.

If you're curious, it's pronounced

"pen - ee - see."


Welcome to the showroom!

We are a multi-line showroom specializing in children's boutique wear.

Our permanent showroom is located at the AmericasMart, downtown Atlanta.


I love working with boutiques, big and small,

to help buyers find exciting, unique, high quality lines for their little customers!

I live just north of the city.

I stay entertained by my 10 year old son, Massimo.

It's quite a name, so I just call him Massi.

I also have a five year old living doll to dress. Rosalie.  

Rosie tells me all the time, right now it's all about

"pretty clothes & big bows."

For ordering information, or to make a market appointment,

visit the contact page, or send me a quick email.

I look forward to helping you find darling little styles for your darling little shoppers!

When one of your lines makes you a custo
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